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a working group dedicated to the display of art in the private interior, c. 1715-1914

‘Lost in Austen’: Seeing Eighteenth-Century Print in TV and Film

Rachel Harmeyer
April 26, 2023

Call for Participation HECAA@30: Roundtable Examining Intersectionality in Domestic Spaces

Karen Lipsedge and Victoria Barnett-Woods
March 7, 2023

Valentine’s Day Special: Evelyn and William De Morgan

Morna O'Neill
February 14, 2023

Checking in on 2023: Upcoming Events

Morna O'Neill
January 31, 2023

Welcome 2023: Celebrating Hogmanay at historic sites

Anne Nellis Richter
December 31, 2022

Spirit Photography and the Domestic Interior

Morna O'Neill
October 31, 2022

The Queenly Interior

Anne Nellis Richter
September 19, 2022

CFP ASECS 2023: Visualizing the Natural World in the Long Eighteenth Century

Anne Nellis Richter
September 6, 2022

Canova at Home: In Memory of Christopher Johns

Morna O'Neill
July 5, 2022